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How to Shape your Eyebrows- New Way


Eyebrows are very important . Make sure everything is okay when shaping them , because believe me people will notice .

I am sure you all know that the bold , thick eyebrows are back . Well known fact is that thick eyebrows will make you look younger .

Of course shaping eyebrows is not only about the latest fashion trend it’s about you and what shape is best for your face .

That’s way we’ve decided to show you some simple tips and steps how to make your brows look perfect.

What you need: tweezers, a razor blade, a little bit of moisturizer and a ruler.

  1. The moisturizers will help removing the hairs easily and relieves the pain a little, so apply it over your eyebrows.

  2. Leave the moisturizers on for 2-3 minutes, then remove it.

  3. Put the ruler parallel to your nose, in the inner corner of the brow, and anything outside of that should be removed.

  4. Using an eyebrow pencil draw a line following your natural brow contour.

  5. Pluck the hair below and over the line.

  6. Place the ruler, so that it forms a triangle with your brow and nose.

  7. Be careful that the brow does not go beyond the ruler.

  8. Use a razor blade, so that the hair removal is more careful and you don’t end up with missing hairs in the middle of the brow!

  9. Shave the brows in the shape of an upward arrow ^.





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