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How to Save Money, While Shopping


Scientists have found the “G” spot and it seems it is at the end of “shoppinG”. Women simply love it and it is not rare it goes out of control. Sale is often the keyword, which leads to a total bank account disaster.

We have some ideas, which will help you save money while shopping.

Do a plan

No matter whether you are going to the groceries or just want to change your wardrobe, it is always best to make a list with the things that you really need. This will keep you focused on the goal, so you won`t buy a pair of shoes, two bags, a belt and a pair of sunglasses.

The less you have the less you spend

Don`t go our with too much money, because you are going to spend them. Make a daily budget of exactly how much you should spend and do the math, while shopping

Don`t use a card

Avoid paying with your card, because when you don`t see the money physically disappearing from your wallet, you cannot actually control how much you spend that well. Pay in cash wherever possible and use the credit or debit card only for emergencies.

Check and compare prices

If you check and compare prices in advance, you`ll be able to get the best deal, no matter whether it comes for food, clothes or shoes.

High heels

That is quite extraordinary way to save money, but actually you`ll get tired easily if you wear high

heels, which means you`ll not be really into screwing around.

Get a bonus card

Many shops off bonus cards for special promotions and discounts – use them. This will save you money. If you are not sure whether a certain shop offers such cards, simply ask at the information

desk and they`ll be happy to help.


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