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How to Put Makeup on Sagging Eyelids


What does “sagging eyelids” mean?

“Sagging eyelids” mean that when your eyes are open, the skin cover your eyelid (sometimes to your lash line) and your eye look more tired and closed. Some people are born with it and sometimes it comes with age (like skin everywhere).


There are several tricks how to apply makeup on this type of eyelid that can create the illusion that the eye is more open and in the same time allow you to play with more colors and I’m going to show them to you.


How to apply makeup?

Apply the the base color all over your eyelid. Apply it not only on the part that’s your actual eyelid, but also pull it up a little highter towards your brow bone (like it’s shown on picture 2 with the green and red lines). Above the base color that you just applied, use the dark eyeshadow. Don’t make too thick of a line and be careful not to go too near to the inner part of your eye. A thin and dark line creates the illusion that your eyelid is more open. Actually, the main trick is to create a contrast with using different shades and colors of eyeshadow and applying them next to each other.



Next, connect the dark eyeshadow with the outer corner of your eye like it’s shown on picture 5. Keep in mind that the line should be higher, almost at the same line as the lower lashes (green line), not lower (red line) because that way we create the optical illusion that your eye is lifted and also give it a more cat-like shape. With a fluffy brush blend the harsh dark line but go overboard because our purpose is to have contrast, not to blend completelly. Add a colorful accent to your lower lash line by applying green or blue eye shadow or eye pencil. Again, the trick with the contrasting colors. On your upper lash line, apply eye liner but be sure to make a thin line so you can easily see your eye shadow.


Top everything off with your favorite mascara and you’re done! You can change the colors as you like just be sure to use light and dark color and to add a pop of color on your lower lash line!




    • Kristine on

      Did you mean to NOT go overboard in this sentence: “With a fluffy brush blend the harsh dark line but go overboard because our purpose is to have contrast, not to blend completely.”

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