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How to Protect Your Swimsuit


Your bathing suit is one of your favorite summer items, but it’s not so easy to keep it save always. You should take care of it, after all it makes your body looks great and you spend a lot of time and money until you find The One. So, if you are not sure how to protect it read these easy tricks and recommendations about the protection of the delicate fabric of your lovely summer swimsuit:


Don’t forget to wash it when you return from the beach or the pool. Just rinse it with tap water. That way you will get rid of sand, salt water or pool water and sunscreen product.

Don’t wash it everytime with washing powder. But if you really want to wash it not just with water you can put it in a laver full of water and pour some washing powder. Let the swimsuit stay in that mixture and rinse it gently with tap water again.


Don’t squeeze it. Don’t twist and squeeze, just press the fabric gently between your hands or dry it carefully with a towel.

Don’t dry it in direct sunlight. The sun damages our clothes and it’s not good for the fabric. You should dry the swimsuit somewhere shady.


How to get rid of the stains. Sometimes you can get some stains from your sunscreen. If so pour some soda onto the stain and leave the swimsuit for a couple of hours and then wash it.

Use the washing machine after the vacation. Wash your swimsuit in washing machine not more often than one or two times a year. You shouldn’t use it all because it can ruin the form of the suit and brighten the colors. Be careful and take care of your favorite swimsuit. Enjoy your summer!


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