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How to Protect your Hair During the Summer?


As much as we love summer, it is the season that causes maybe the most damage to our hair. Protecting it during the hottest months of the year is not an easy task, but there are a few things to do. Not only your skin, but also your hair gets sunburned. If you like swimming in the sea, you should also know its saltiness dries it out.If the health of your hair is a priority, follow these steps and you will enjoy a beautiful hair even after you have spent hours on the beach.

Before you go to the beach, apply a spray for hair with an SPF. Almost every self-respecting hair brand has a sun-protecting product now, so just choose one and apply it daily.
When going into the sea, tie it high up, so that there is minimum contact with the salty water. This is important if you have dyed your hair and want to preserve the color for as long as possible. If you want to dive and swim under water, apply a greasy hair oil on the ends after your swim.
Avoid using heat: hair dryers, curling wands and hair straighteners are not doing good to your hair. Besides, it will dry quickly because of the warm weather. You can actually achieve a nice beach waves hairstyle without using heat and it will be perfect for your vacation!
Don’t forget masks and conditioners every time you wash your hair for additional moisture. Also, try not to wash it every day since it will get dryer and dryer.
If you want to tame its friziness, without using heat, simply apply a little conditioner without washing it completely before you got out. That way it will stay less frizzier.
Don’t forget that the health of your hair is more important that styling it daily and putting it under stress, so enjoy your vacation and leave it as natural as possible!


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