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How To Protect Your Dyed Hair


The color of the dye fades rather fast, don’t you think? I am more than sure that you are aware of that. However, the problem is not only in your product pick.

All of you have tried many color transformation – from your light brown waves to deep chocolate ones. From the Cinderella blond hair to a dirty brown, and even from a golden honey colors to deep red. You can do magic with your hair and you know it, it’s just important to know the character of your hair and to not damage it that much.

It’s natural for your hair to become dry and rough after you have dyed it, there is no second opinion about. The chemicals in the dye do that and this is one of the reasons why your hair color looks kind of drab after such a transformation. Don’t frown, no need to. As natural as this may be, it can also be preventable just by following the two steps you will read below.


The water is actually the dye’s arch nemesis. I know, I know very well, that it’s part of a women’s character to stay in the shower for hours. I do that too, well at least I did it before i started dying my hair. Every time you wash your hair, and I am not talking about the normal procedure of shampoos, conditioners and hair masks, but I am talking about just letting the warm water run over your head for unneeded reasons. The color starts fading because, as you may already know, the hair consists of special oil barriers just like your skin does. It’s called a lipid layer. The water washes these away and they are mostly the reason for your hair to keep its shine and strength. The colored hair absorbs and releases water easily – it makes sense, does it? Also, washing your hair less frequently is just as good decision. If you do feel your hair getting dirty faster, just use a dry shampoo!


If your hair feels incredibly dry, the problem is again because of the thinning of your lipid layers. These are actually the transport of the oils which your scalp releases and it’s not easy for them to spread around when the fatty layers are almost non-existent. Do you know why this happens? It’s because the conditioning you do after applying the shampoo has no results. The answer is easy. Search for a conditioner, which is compatible with the character of your hair. If your hair is usually dry, buy a moisturizing one. If it has lost it’s shine, use a conditioner with a shining effect. If the volume is not the same as before, hair volume conditioner is the answer. The regular use of the correct conditioner can help restoring and protecting the transportation layers and barriers.

Good luck, ladies! Know your hair and take good care of it!




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