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How to Protect Damaged Hair


A large percentage of women love long hair. Ever since we were little girls we watched cartoons with princesses with long hair. And this remained subconsciously in our minds – having long hair. Besides men love women with long hair. So, protecting our hair and making it long and strong should be essential in our routine. Here is what to do in order to have perfect hair.

Regular Trims

I hate it when I have split ends, so probably you too. That way the hair looks weak, damaged and definitely not sexy. So check your hair from time to time and see if there are any split ends and just cut them off. Some girls like to do it themselves, others prefer to go to a hairdresser but remember that if you want to have long hair, you should only cut the split ends, not more. Do it every three months and you will notice the difference.

Do not wash your hair every single day

You probably think that if you do not wash your hair every day it will get greasy. Yes, but that is a good thing because washing actually dries the hair, so the more you wash your hair, the dryer it will be. Allow the natural oils of the hair to make it stronger.


There are various conditioners and nourishing shampoos that will make your hair stronger. When you use a conditioner it is not only easier to comb your hair but it also moisturizes it. Just apply it in the second half of your hair. As for the shampoo, do not use one for greasy hair, even if your hair is because it will make it drier in the ends.

Forget about the wet brush

When your hair is wet it is vulnerable and prone to damaging, so after a shower forget about the brush, just use a wide-tooth comb which won’t have such a devastating effect on the hair.

Heat protection

No matter if you use flat iron, curling iron or hairdryer, your hair needs protection from the heat. There are a lot of heat protection serums you can choose from. And it is also a good idea to protect your hair from the sunlight in the summer.

Sleep on silk

Don’t think that you are being too spoiled if you use silk linen, especially silk pillowcase. Not only your hair will be grateful to you but also your face. Silk will keep frizz, tangles and static away from your hair and besides it feels so much softer in touch.



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