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How to Prevent Cracked Nails


It is essential to look after your nails in order to keep them clean, healthy, long and beautiful. It is every woman’s dream to have nice and classy nails that do not break every time she touches something. It is not impossible to treat your cracked, stubby and fragile nails. You just have to learn the proper techniques and tricks that will help you strengthen your nails in order to make them neatly trimmed and well-maintained. Follow the tips below and keep your manicure in its unblemished shape for a long period of time.

Tip 1: Trim your nails regularly. Ragged and chipped nails are more likely to catch and split. To prevent that, firstly soak your fingernails in warm water for a few minutes before you cut them. This will allow your nails to soften and will make them easier to trim. Secondly, gently clip excess parts that could catch on something and cause nail breakage. Use a nail file to shape your nails afterwards! This is very important in order to prevent your nails from cracking. When filing, always file gently in one direction in one long stroke. For best results, your nails should be slightly oval.

Tip 2: Stop biting your nails! It may seem difficult at first but the beginning is always the hardest. Break that ugly habit once and for all! Nails can be irreparably damaged due to nail biting. If you cannot deal with it on your own, coat your nails with a bitter-tasting nail biting polish. It will do the trick and discourage you from biting. You can also use an anti-nail biting cream on your fingers.

Tip 3: In most cases, brittle and peeling nails are due to a vitamin deficiency. Lack of vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and zinc can cause dry and splitting nails. In order to shield yourself from nutrient deficiencies, make sure to maintain a healthy diet that includes eating a lot of dairy products, fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains. It is highly recommended to avoid high fat foods, fried meals and sugars. Do not forget to drink plenty of water since it will help you hydrate your dry, damaged nails.

Tip 4: Avoid using a polish remover with acetone in it. Although it is a very powerful solvent and it works best at removing polish, acetone also removes a lot of natural oils from your skin, leaving your nails dry and harsh. Instead, use non-acetone polish removers that are gentler to your skin and nails.

Tip 5: To get your nails fresh and neat, consider using a hand cream or moisturizer every day. As you age, nails require constant care as they chip, crack and discolor due to harsh treatment. There are different kinds of lotions, creams and moisturizers that you can use, depending on your skin type, age and gender. They are all packed with vitamins and minerals, leaving your nails beautiful and clean. Rubbing some lotion around your nails and cuticles will surely combat brittleness and nail breakage.



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