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How to Pop a Pimple Without Leaving a Scar


Popping a pimple is not as safe as you think. Sometimes we want to get rid of it and in our effort on popping it we damage our skin, get the risk of infection or leaving a scar. That’s why I’m presenting you some tricks for popping a pimple without leaving a scar:

Choose: to pop or not to pop

Pop the pimple only if it has whitehead. Whitehead pimples are old (couple of days) and they are ready to go without making any destruction while doing it. Remember to treaten the pimpled area with benzoyl peroxide acne medicine.

Prepare your hands to pop it

They must be clean. Pay attention to the nails and particularly underneath them. Use a lot of cleanser and warm water. This is very important step because when you pop the pimple you’ll be opening the skin, making a path for the bacteria.

To clean the area of the pimple you can use antibacterial face cleanser or just some alcohol liquor on cotton ball.

Prepare the area

Boil a water and use the steam to open your pores. Or you can pop the pimple right after hot shower/ bath, when the pores are open.

Popping the pimple

Put on disposable gloves simply before you’re prepared to pop the pimple. If you don’t have one you can blanket your finger with clean tissues. That will both put a boundary between any remaining bacteria on your fingers and keep the sharp edges of your nails from affecting the skin.

Put your fingertips around the pimple’s top. You’ll be able to feel the sebum-filled area. When you found the ball-shaped sebum delicately wiggle your fingers together. If nothing happens position your fingertips in better place around the pimple, then try again. If nothing comes out stop pushing. The pimple is not ready to see you.

If some nasty liquid get out continue doing it until the pimple is totally free. When you see blood stop pushing and let it rest, otherwise you can get a scar.

Make sure the bacteria will not attack the open skin by cleaning the area. You can use benzol peroxide acne medicine. Remember not to apply toothpaste. It can hurt your skin. It’s a myth that you can dry out the acne with toothpaste.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll have baby-smooth face skin.


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