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How to Pick Shoes for Your Almond Dress



Almond symbolizes sweetness, delicacy, and life itself. It is a beautiful color for a wedding or cocktail dress. And the best part is that it is easy to combine with other colors. If you are getting married – congratulations! You can choose shoes in light beige, champagne, gold, or cream. Opt for a pair of shoes in a matching color. If it is a cocktail dress, the color depends on whether there is some gold or bronze detailing or it is a simple dress. One option is to go for a color that pops. Colors such as dark brown, blue, and red look good. Choose bright colors only if you feel confident in them. Avoid black though because it makes the contrast too harsh. Bronze and silver are better choices. Dark purple, blue, and cream also look nice.

But it all depends on whether the color is in or out of your comfort zone. If you love bright red, go for it. If you want to go bold, you can get high heels or sandals in emerald blue or plum. And if you don’t want to attract (men’s) attention, you may want to go for nude or cream low heels.


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