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How to Peel Off Base Coat


Have you ever tried this technique ?

Because we all know how hard is removing glitter polish of your nails,  i’ve decided to show you one quick and easy way how to do it.

You’ll need :

Elmer’s school glue

Empty polish nail bottle

Glitter polish of your choice

Cuticle pusher

First transfer some craft glue to an empty nail polish bottle and apply to clean bare nails as a base coat.

Let the glue dry. It will turn clear and non -sticky to the touch.

Then apply polish of your choice and base coat as you usually would.

So now comes the tricky part. When is time to remove your polish.

Take a plastic cuticle pusher and starting at the base of the nail gently lift the edge. Continue to peel the polish off.  There you are! Can you belive how easy it was?

Tip : Using the craft glue as base coat will not last as long as other base coats.

Avoid hot water for three hours after application.








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