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How To Pack Your Travel Beauty Bag


I love to travel and every year I try to save up some money so I can go somewhere and relax for a few days. And although I look forward to the whole experience, there is one thing I despise – packing! I almost always forget something (even if I make lists and double-check) or pack too much and can’t put everything in my suitcase. Packing clothes for a trip isn’t an easy task, but packing makeup and beauty products is even harder! You need to take into consideration so many things, one of them being the security check on airports. Here are some easy tips and tricks that you can use when you’re preparing your travel beauty bag:

1. Make a list

Making a list is essential when you’re packing, no matter if it’s makeup, clothing or electronics. If you make a list you won’t put yourself in the situation when you’re in the shower and you can’t wash your hair because you forgot your shampoo and conditioner. Check your list several days before the trip so you can buy what you don’t have and you won’t have to worry about it at the last moment, which we, let’s be honest, do most of the times.

2. Pack smart

Can you explain me why did you bring the expired concealer that is too dark for your skin to your vacation? Because “you never know what’s going to happen”, right? Pack only things that you use on a daily basis and avoid bringing stuff that you just have laying around without being used (that’s relevant to clothing pieces, too). This way you will have more space to put the important stuff and your travel bag will be tidier and cleaner. Also, it’s best to keep your liquids, especially if they are in big bottles, in ziplock bags –  this way when your shampoo spills, nothing will be damaged and you’ll be able to easily clean the mess.

3. Pack according to your destination

It’s not really smart to go on a island vacation and forget your sunscreen or go in the mountains and leave your moisturizer on your vanity table. When you’re checking what the weather will be so you can pack appropriate clothes, take into consideration that your skin can become quite sensitive when you travel and will need extra protection from the weather. Because my hands get extra dry in the colder months and even more if I’m traveling to a place with different climate, I always put my hand cream first in my beauty bag so when I’d need, I’d be sure that’s there.

4. Decrease the size

There’s no point in taking your 500ml bottle of conditioner when you’re going on a 5-days vacation and you’ll use it once. Go to your local drugstore and buy the travel size products that you need. If you are going to pass through security check be sure to pick the smallest size available because you can’t board a plane with liquids that are more than 100ml. If you don’t have that problem, think about how much you would use every product so you can bring just the right amount of everything. If you want, you can buy only the containers and fill them yourself, it’s up to you.

5. Add some samples

You don’t have to take your favorite (and expensive) perfume with you on a vacation where is highly possible to forget it and never see it again. The solution is stock up on some samples! Samples are the best way to take products that you really like without having to worry about breaking or forgetting them. I have some perfume samples that I keep in my purse and my travel bag and I don’t feel bad if a break them or just use them up. It’s the same with foundation, eye and hand creams and basically whatever else that comes in a sample size. Go to your favorite store to buy some samples or just flip through some beauty magazines – they always have samples hidden somewhere!


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