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How To Organize Your Purse


Let’s be real – there isn’t a woman in the world whose purse is organized and everything in it is a part of her essentials. We, as women, tend to put everthing in our bags and to never throw things away – that’s why in my bag you can find a broken umbrella, some receits, pens that don’t work, handcream, a scarf and many other unnecessary items that have no place in there.

Because I am a firm believer of the saying that if you want to get your life organized, you have to start from the small things, I will share with you some advice on how to organize your purse and keep in that way for a long time. The first thing you have to do is to organize your wallet. Here’s what I do:

First, I get rid of all the receits that I won’t need (like those you need to return an item) and of all the business cards that are expired, old or just I won’t use (like the number of my dentist 5 years ago that moved to a new city). Then, I take out the credit cards, gift cards, etc. that I own and throw away everything that’s expired or the ones that I will give to a friend to use (that goes for the gift cards). I make sure my ID, driver’s licence and other important documents are in an easy to reach place and put away the things that I don’t use so often. I like to clean my wallet with some sort of cleaning product and a tissue or if it’s a real leather one, to use a special product for leather and extend its life so I can use it more.

After my wallet is clean and put it away and start taking out things from my bag. Separate the things into two piles – thing you need in your bag and things you should take out. If you don’t have a makeup bag and your makeup items are all over your bag, either buy a makeup bag or put them in a separate pocket. In the front pocket (or the one that’s easily accessible) put things like phones, gum, business cards – everything that you will use most often during the day. Your wallet, scarf, umbrella and keys should be in the main department. Because I constantly struggle with finding my keys in my bag, I suggest you hang you keys somewhere inside your bag for easier access.

So, your bag is organized and you’re left with several pens, an empty water bottle, some receits, makeup that you don’t need or use, chargers for everything you own (that you, of course, don’t use outside your home), etc. The key to keep your bag organized is to just keep only thing that you will need. Why carry an umbrella if you live in a place where it doesn’t rain? Change the things in your bag accroding to the weather and the situation – if it tends to get cold in the evenings, bring a scarf; if you are sick, bring some aspirin or other medication just in case you don’t feel so good.

The best way for me to clean my bag is when I’m changing it. When I switch bags I leave everything that I don’t need and keep only things that are necessary for me to carry. If you are not going to switch your bags, just be sure to clean yours weekly, if not – monthly!



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