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How to Organize Purses in Your Closet


Organizing purses, especially if they are big, is not the easiest thing and many of us struggle every day with trying to find a place where we can stack our bags without ruining them. Here are some tips how to store bags in your closet without taking up much space:


The easiest and cheapest way is to store them on hangers in your closet. This way they won’t get crushed and won’t lose their shape. The only bad thing is that is your bag is full and heavy it can damage the handles.


  Another way is yo buy hangers especially design to hold purses. They are cheap, don’t take much space and can hold up to 10 purses which is a great room-saver.




  Some purse holders can be hanged up on a door so they don’t take up space in your closet. This type of hangers are very convenient because most of the times the’re see-through and you can easily access the item you want without taking out everything.


  The last but not least way to organize purses is by putting them in polyester boxes and cabinets on the top of your closet or under the bed.



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