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How to organise your closer for more space!


Keep shopping!


I don’t know about you but every time there is a sale at any of my favorite stores, I also feel I have to order another wardrobe or better yet a bigger one than the last one I had to buy!


Fear not ladies… Keep shopping! We heart this!


We’re going to give you a simple little trick to having more space in your drawers so you can keep purchasing lovely things!







Step 1:

Grab the first top / shirt


Step 2:

Fold the item in half (length ways)


Step 3:

Tuck in any sleeves to the back of the item


Step 4:

Fold the top in half


Step 5:

And fold again once more


Step 6:

Keep repeating this and pile all the tops up


Step 7:

Place them side wards in your drawer



More space for new lovely things!



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