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How to Make Your Own Lipstick Color


Your lipstick is your best friend. You should choose the color carefully and with caution. But sometimes the right color just doesn’t show up. You want it to be a little more brighter or a little more darker, but the thing is that the perfect shade is not out there. Your lipstick is here to make you look even more beautiful, to define your lips and to match your outfit and your mood, of course. Imagine that you are preparing for a lovely event and the time for the lipstick is on the clock, when you browser trough your lipsticks you are not satisfied with the collection. The perfect color just isn’t there. But don’t worry. We are here to give you some ideas about escaping from difficult times. This time the advice is really simple – mix them up. Yes, you read it right. Mix some of your lipsticks and see if you will find the color you need. And the other great part of this is that you will double the colors of your lipstick collection just by mixing them together.

It’s not difficult at all and you won’t need any laboratory equipment to do it right. So, take a look:

Choose the colors that you want to mix. We will mix red lipstick and beige one. Use a small knife to cut some of the product from the lipstick tube. Put the two lipstick pieces into a small dish or a makeup palette. Mix up until you get even color and smooth mixture. You can use small, clean brush as a mixing tool. When you are happy with the color you can transfer it to clean tube or close-top makeup pot – some old, clean eye cream container, for example.

That’s the thing. You can keep adding lipstick product until the shade is perfect for you. You can do your experiments and have fun. There are no limits. Try to mix some similar shades or you can make one of your favorite dark lipstick a little bit lighter just by adding some neutral, tan or white shade to do so. Keep testing until you make some favorite shades, which will work best for your perfect look.



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