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How to make your nails grow faster


 To be honest, I had a moment when my nails would always break and would not grow at all. Then I found out that I simply had to consume more vitamins. But now I can even share with you a few tricks on how not only can your nails become stronger, but how they can grow faster as well!

There are many myths about making your nails grow faster – rubbing garlic over the, wiggling your fingers in the air for hours, dietary supplements. Nope. These methods will not work. Actually, I will tell you the truth, you cannot actually make your nails grow that fast. However, you can keep them healthy and strong and just by doing that they will appear longer. You can only fasten the process a little bit.

Firstly, you need to protect your nails. Next time you’re scrubbing in the kitchen, wear a pair of rubber gloves. The kitchen chemicals dry out your nails and make them easy to break. Another important fact is that nails grow faster in warm climates. When it’s cold outside make sure you wear gloves.

Secondly, take Biotin. No, this is not a dietary supplement! It might be part of some, but the Biotin is the Vitamin H and it helps the nails to stay healthy and also benefits the skin and eyes. It will not speed up the growing process, it just makes your nails less-breakable.

Thirdly, Vitamin E. It is recommended for the people who have a gel manicure. This kind of manicure damages the nails a lot and it is actually not a good idea to have it when your nails are weak, but the vitamin reprairs the nail underneath. If you do not use fake nails or gels, Vitamin E can help moisturize your nails and prevent them from breaking as well.

And last, but not least, treat your nails gently. Stop riping and biting your nails. We all know that this is actually a subconcious habit, but you can try your best to get rid of it. Wen you do that you don’t give the chance for your nails to grow. There are actually products in the drug stores that you can apply to your nails to prevent yourself from biting them if you cannot stop by yourself.




  1. Please can you check your facts before posting! “Gel nails” firstly is a very generic phrase that grates me, gnus is used by people who know nothing about the nail industry! There is no such thing, there are various gel products which are applied to the nail plate tha achieve many different requirements a client may have. Secondly it is NOT the “gel nails” that you have naively referred to that damages nails, it is lack of care from a poorly or non trained technician or caused by client themselves removing the product! One thing you are correct on is vitamin e, it is one of the very few things that can actually penetrate the nail plate. Also ultimately, the only thing that dictates a persons nail growth is their blood circulation which feeds the matrix where nails cells are made and produced. Items like this cause potential harm to professionals like myself who’s business is effected by these factless rubbish! How would like me to come along and ruin your job with a made up lie?!?

    • Oh pleasssseeeeee just shut it. Gel nails, gnus, who cares. You make a living if damaging natural nail health and growth. It literally takes a month or more for nails to recover after getting GEL NAILS or CRYLIC …

      THANK YOU FIR THE 411 … I did take Biotin and put Vitamin E daily and my nails are stronger than I’ve ever had them and growing promptly 🙂 thank you

    • RE~read what she wrote!!!! She said a GEL MANICURE!!!! NOT GEL NAILS!!!!! All of her statements are correct!!!! Not only that~~~Gel Manicures, & Acrylic nails are bad for your nails & slow down the growth!!!! No matter how they are put on & who does them. I think you better go back to school.

    • Oh don’t be such a know all. I understood every single thing in this article. There’s no need for you and your mouthy opinion 🙂
      Specially because nothing you said was correct or beneficial

    • If you are going to jump on other people’s blogs can you at least come up with better knowledge…I don’t ever get my nails done and my nails still break often….so give tips on how you can keep nails with or without fakes….I try all the over the counter stuff…

      • Get the aleo Vera by sally hanson. You put it on rub in a circle and reapply and let dry. It really works great mine use to split, flake, and was really thin. Now they are thick, strong, long and beautiful.

    • She said gel manicures, learn to read before carrying on like a 2 year old. People like you deserve to get their head smashed in with your absurd comments!

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    • You’re right. I also slice a garlic clove and put it in a clear nail polish. The oil releases into the polish and you can apply it as often as you like. It works wonders!

  3. Thank you for the advice. I’m going to try the garlic. I got my nails done and the false nails fell off so now I just want my real nails to grow on there own. They are so brittle and damaged.

  4. Shelby Pedigo on

    I’ll try all of them I have a bad habit of biting my nails and I’m trying to get then to grow and to get my self to stop biting my nails do you guys have any suggestions for me to try to stop biting my nails

      • Thum is a brand name product. It is just acetone in a small bottle. Just use a store brand nail polish remover. It’s cheaper abd you can use it for manicures at home. 🙂

    • No matter what you do, do not use those disgusting tasting nail polishes. I used to do those and although they tasted bad on your nails it would rub off the taste onto my hands and if I ate pizza or something like that the taste would rub onto my pizza and taste horrible. I stopped boting my nails by challenges. My dad would challenge me. He would say “I’ll give you $20 if you don’t bite your nails for 1 week”. It really helps. After that I just really had no desire to bite my nails. Also you could wear a rubber band on your wrist and every time you bite your nails snap it. You will relate biting your nails to pain and it will make you stop.

    • Their is this stuff you can buy at any drug store and you apply it like nail polish, dont know the name but it taste like crap if you put your nails in your mouth, my mom used it on me as a kid and it helps

  5. Biotin is amazing, you will not see results right away, for me it took 4 months but i went from having very thin/brittle hair to it actually growing in thicker and healthier and my nails used to be bendable and i could see through them, they are now stronger and growing like crazy, Biotin also helps with skin. Try it!!

  6. my dad owned and ran a health food store for 30 years and had “Hair,skin and nails” a pill…anyways i took it growin up and always had long thick hair, great skin and good nails. it has all the goodies needed to get those long hard nails, great hair and clear beautiful skin. walmart now sells it as do most health food stores. hope this helps some ppl.

  7. To all you commenting about gel and acrylic nails, no offence but people who get these done don’t generally care about the length of their real nails coz you can’t see them, so this post has no relevance to those people

    • absolutely not true..even when i wore acrylic nails i cared about the health and length of my real nail. The atricle states vitamin e can repair the nail beneath the acrylic. We all no that fake nails tend to thin, weaken and leave rings and indentations in the nail so the article is suggesting you apply vitamin e underneath the nail not from the top which is covered in acrylic to keep the moisterized. A little reading goes a long way.

  8. The Hair, Skin and Nails supplement from It Works is an all natural pill that promotes nail, hair and lash growth! Customers are seeing amazing results in as little as 2 weeks. Check out the amazing products on my website: lonistirling.myitworks.com or add me on Facebook (Loni Stirling) or send me a private message if you would like more info!

  9. I’ve been getn gel manicures for a lil over a yr and my nails are longer and stronger than they’ve ever been….. JUST BE HAPPY WITH WHAT GOD HAS GIVEN YOU!!!!!

  10. Actually, garlic does do wonders, lemon however is only a natural brightener. Oil is a great moisturizer , I prefer almond or evoo. As for the gel and acrylic bashers, gels (uv) are not as harmful as acrylics. There is less filing to the nail beds. The products themselves are not bad, it is overfiling that thins the nail. Also, having a strong product on your nail tricks the matrix into creating less keratin to stregthen the nail. When removed properly, and adding evoo or almond oils or whatever oil you choose, the nails bounce back and harden within a couple days.
    Just because you do not choose to enhance your own nails, there is no reason to bash those that do or those that do it for a living.

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