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How To Make Caramel Apple Slices


If you are going to have guests visiting you and you want to impress them you may prepare Caramel Apple Slices.


Here are the products you will need:


5 apples


1 lemon


2 cups full of caramel


1 envelope knox gelatine 


2 tablespoons corn syrup


 You should first cut the apples in two and then scoop out their insides. The wall which remains has to be about half inch thick.


The next thing you need to do is to squeeze the lemon onto the apples and it will prevent them from becoming brown.


The filling you will make by mixing the caramel, the corn syrup and the gelatine. Pour them into a saucer pan and turn off the hot plate just before these have started boiling. Then leave them cool down for about 15 minutes.


Get a paper towel in order to remove the lemon juice from the apples. The inside of your apples has to be as dry as possible so that caramel sticks up. Pour the filling into the hollow apples.


Put the apples in the refrigerator for about half an hour.


If you or some of your guests are chocolate lovers you may sprinkle your apples with some chocolate sauce.



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