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How to Make Braided Dough Basket


Ester is coming and now i am going to show you how to make braided basket . 

The whole family will love it , as you can see it looks very beautiful and tasty . 

It’s the perfect decoration for your Easter dinner .

It might look complicated , but it ‘s not !

So let’s get started :

Ingredients : 

  • Flour
  • yeast
  • 1teaspoon sugar and 1 salt
  • 1 egg
  • Butter

First combine flour, yeast, sugar and salt in a bowl. Add water and half of beaten egg . After that add the butter and mix . Knead your dough for 10 minutes then cover and leave it to rise for 30 minutes .

When it is done punch it down and again leave it to rise for another 10 minutes . After that roll out the dough and make a large square 11×11 inch and 1/8 thick. Cut it into 1/2 inch width strips .

Now start weaving in lattice design on a piece of greased parchment paper. Get a metal bowl and lightly grease it.  Next thing you need to do is to transfer the paper with the latticed dough on the bowl .

With the remaining dough mold them around the rim of the dough basket. Let it rise for 35 minutes .

Before putting in the oven in a 200 degree brush it with the remaining beaten egg . Then bake for 20 minutes . At 15 minutes cover the basket with foil so it dosen’t turn too brown .

When it is done let it cool and after that remove the basket from the bowl . Nice , right ?





    • Wow, that is awesome your co-worker made you bread! I work with some really, really nice people. Which is good since we work in such incredibly close quarters. I really like the girl that sits next to me. We have very similar personalities/views on life and she is just an all around great person. I really need to make more of a point to help others. I try to donate when I can (financially) but I coudl do so much more. After the CFA, I really want to get involved with a local non-profit and make it a point to volunteer on a regular basis.

    • Thank you for your beautifully inspirational and honest post. As someone who aged out of foster care myself (many years ago), I appreciate your balanced look at foster children. It seems that too often we get a bad rap as somehow fundamentally flawed and damaged. We are not. Again, thank you for this!

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