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How to Make Bold Eyeliner


We are young and now it’s our time to experiment and try new things. Some of use change their style, some of us – their hair, and some, like me, who aren’t bold enough to experiment with such a thing, change the way they do their makeup. Either it’s changing the lip color, or the eyeliner, something small like this can go a long way! This tutorial is for the girls who want to  try something new and add something bold and edgy to the way they look. Here’s how you can make this bold eyeliner:

Draw a thicker line across your upper lash line, stopping at the edge of your lid. Extend the line and flick up as you would for a flicked line. Draw a line from the edge of your winged liner and connect it with the line you just traced along your lash line. Then, just fill in the space for a bold, dramatic winged liner look! Tip: To make the line straight try using tape – just apply it on your skin in the desirable angle and draw the line following the tape. Then, remove the tape and proceeed with your makeup.

This look works best with black eyeliner, but you can always go for a colored one to make it more fun! With fall coming, you can spice the look a bit by using a brown eyeliner or eye pencil and a subtle brown eyeshadow to make your eyes resemble the color of the falling leaves. Add a darker coral blush, matte lips in colors like burgundy, red or purple and you have yourself a quick fall makeup look!

The bold eyeliner is easy to style and can turn every simple makeup in a flirty and more complete look! You can wear bold eyeliner with big false lashes and nude lips or with red lips and just 2 coats of mascara (you don’t want the big lips and big eyes combo because you’ll look like a drag queen). Bold eyeliner is also the ideal makeup when you are running late but don’t want to go out the door with bare face. And if it’s nightime and you want to go to a party, just smudge it with a brush and make a fast smoky eye!


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