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How to Lose 35 kg the Healthy Way


Name: Miesha Avery

Age: 26

Height: 172 cm

Weight (before): 113 kg

How I gained weight: I ate breakfast, lunch and dinner every day and fast food most of the time. I ate foods high in sugar and carbohydrates. If I skipped any meal, I usually replaced it with junk and unhealthy food. I tried to diet but it did not help me at all. I somehow felt comfortable in my skin and

I had no intention to change. Being plus-sized was my norm.

Breaking point: It was in April and May 2012 when I started to change. I underwent oral surgery and

I had braces applied afterwards. I was subjected to a special diet that included mainly fluids and soft food. After a month and a half my surgeon advised me to come back to normal and eat other types

of food, as well. Then I realized that I had lost 12 kg. I decided to maintain my current weight and not to lose more.

Losing weight: I tried to find healthier alternatives to everything. For instance, I replaced a big ice-
cream with a cup of frozen yogurt. Also, I started cooking for my own and eliminated purchasing fast food meals.

Then, I started to walk about an hour twice a day, before and after work. By the end of 2012, I stopped eating meat, except for seafood. By 2015, I am looking to become a vegan. I also started running, first on the treadmill and then outside.

In July 2013, I had to weigh myself for the first time since 2012. I found out that I had lost over 25 kg.

I was ecstatic.

I no longer deal with high blood pressure. I have more energy and I can fall asleep more easily. I train regularly and I sometimes go out for a jog. I have no desire to lose more weight. My main goal is to live healthier, says Miesha Avery for huffingtonpost.com.



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