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How to Look Taller


No matter how hard we try, we can’t become any taller than we already are. After all the length of the body isn’t anything that we can control, we rely on the nature this time. The vitamins and the jumps could help us, but only with a half an inch top. And that’s not enough at all.

But beauty often relies on the visual deception. You can learn some tricks of how to LOOK taller, not how to BECOME taller. Down in the article you can find some helpful and clever tricks and tips for looking taller than you are, or at least for not looking shorter than you are. Take a look:

Pay attention to your hairstyle

If you want to look taller you should make a nice, neat ponytail. The big volume often brings the opposite effect of looking taller. Be careful and keep in mind that it’s not a good option for your visual body length. But the ponytail easily could give you an inch or two in the length of your body.

High heels

It’s a well known fact that high heeled shoes are a girl’s best friend when it comes to the length of the body. They are making the legs look longer and the body to look thinner. Match the hairstyle with the heels and you will be amazed how great you will look. Be sure that you own at least one pair of high heeled shoes which are in skin-like color. That’s how your legs will look really, really long.

Wear dresses

When it’s hot out there put on a dress, not shorts. That’s how you will make your body look taller. If you choose the perfect dress for your body type you’ll be amazed how flattering is that choice for you.

The right body posture

Stay, sit and walk upright. Don’t hump your back and shoulders. It’s not only that you won’t look taller, but it’s also bad for your health and physical wellness. The people which humps are with low self-esteem.

The right colors

The colors are one of the criteria of the body length. Choose one color and play with the different shades of it. Match darker top and lighter pants from the same color and you’ll see the difference. You can try this rule with brownish colors and make your shoes, bag and accessories colorful, so you won’t blend in.

The role of the patterns

If you want to look taller you MUST wear clothes with vertical pattern, stay away from the horizontal ones.

Keep in mind these tips and trick next time when you choose your outfit and see if they are working in your favor. Enjoy your shopping!


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