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How to Incorporate French Girls’ Style into Your Wardrobe


French girls are famous for being classy and always being faithful to an effortless chic. Their distinguishable fashion choices have become a great classic, but it is not that easy to be re-created by non-French girls.

However, we are here to help you out and present a few tips on how to copy French style and still look natural:

  • As weird as it is, one of the key ways to copy French street style is to have a great figure…so focus on a healthy diet and a good workout plan! You don’t need to be very slim: just a nice figure would do, which does not mean that you, curvy ladies, need to lose a lot of weight including altering your beautiful body shape! Simply look healthy and chic!




  • The must-have staple pieces of a French girl are not many, but are of vital importance if you want to re-create their look: striped shirts, black/white blazers, skinny jeans, balerina flats, minimalistic accessories.





  • The French style is characterized by clean look, so a nude makeup and a natural hairstyle (or at least one that is simple) would do. The aura and charm of a French-like girl is enough to allure everyone around her!
  • Study French fashion! YSL, Chanel, Givenchy or Jane Birkin, Brigette Baurdo, Marion Cotillard… All of these names should be familiar to you and you need to learn what is behind them to truly develop a feeling for French sense of style!






  • The colors need to be neutral, basic, nothing too bright or sparkly… You can occasionally turn to a boho print, but the main focus is on black, white, dark blue, beige, brown, grey, etc.


Overall, don’t forget to adjust these tips to your own appearance and taste. Remember that fashion is fun, it needs to come from inside and if it done with force and on purpose, it does not look as good!


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