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How to Handle Greasy Hair


Greasy hair is one of the most unpleasant things a woman has to deal with daily. Sometimes, we can’t just wash our hair and be over with the problem because appears again the next day. The reasons for greasy hair are many – touching it too often, washing it too often (yes, washing your hair every day makes it worse!), eating junk food, etc. Here we’re going to show you 10 ways to deal with greasy hair and if you follow all of our tips, you will quickly forget what having greasy hair was like!

1. Eat healthy

Eating healthy doesn’t only help your body, it helps your hair, too! If you eat healthy, all the right vitamins will go into your body and will reach your hair which will healp it grow long, healthy and greaseless. I know it’s very hard to eat the right things when we live in a world where people consume tons of junk food daily and don’t care much about being healthy. What you can do is to choose 3 days every month and eat only fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water. This way you will detox your body and stay healthy even if you don’t take vitamins daily.

2. Reduce the stress

Stress is all around us – in our workplace, at home, on the street. And when our stress levels are high, are body starts to react to it. When I feel stressed, my whole face gets covered by blemishes and pimples and my hair loses its natural shine. Stress can cause hormonal disbalance which can make your hair extra greasy and your face can get covered with acne. Reduce the stress by having some alone time – read a book, listen to some music and turn off your phone so that no one can disturb you.

3. Wash your hair properly

Wash your hair in the mornings because at night sebum is produced more actively. Wash your hair with clear shampoos, not with cream ones and use cold water rather than hot.

4. Use masks

Use hair masks every week to take care of your scalp. Go for masks with humus and if you can – make them yourself.

5. Forget about the hair dryer

If your hair is greasy that means it’s more sensitivy. Forget about hot water and the hair dryer and you will see how healthier it will look only after the first heatless week!

6. Comb it

Using a brush only spreads the sebum all over your hair which we clearly don’t want and need. Use a comb to detangle it and keep it in place and the results won’t be late.

7. Lotion-free hair

Everything you put on your hair that doesn’t wash it, makes it dirtier. Lotions, hair spray, even heat protectants add grease to your already very greasy hair. Stop using hair products or use them if it’s extremely impreative.

8. Use apple vinegar

Using apple vinegar on our hair is something even our grandmothers did when they were young. If you rinse your hair with apply vinegar the condition of your hair will mprove and you’ll notice it immediately! To do it you need to mix one tablespoon apple vinegar in 500ml water. After you have washed your hair with shampoo rinse it with the water/vinegar mixture and leave your hair to dry without using any heat. And don’t be afraid, your hair won’t smell funny after that!

9. Hair dye

Dying your hair will take some of the grease off your scalp. And even if we know that constant dying damages hair and makes it look strawy, it really helps with greasy scalps. I started dying my hair just because I didn’t want to wash it every day and I have seen the results. The only problem is that if you have really greasy hair the roots will still get greasy faster but the other hair will remain dry and clean looking almost a whole week.

10. Proper hairstyle

Styling your hair properly is one of the most important things when it comes to greasy hair. First, if you put it in a bun or a ponytail you won’t touch it that often so it won’t get greasy that fast. And if it’s already greasy, the high bun will hide the greasiness and your hair will look cleaner. Then, if you want to wear your hair loose, curls also will hide the greasy roots and the volume that they create will make your hair look more alive and healthy. Definitely stay away from straight hair because once your hair get’s greasy, it will flatten your haisr even more and you will look ridiculous.



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