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How to Get Thick and Beautiful Hair


Some women are born with naturally thick and beautiful hair. If you’re not one of them, we offer you some advice on how to have an amazing hair that everyone will envy and want:

– If your ends are dry, immediately cut them! Go to a professional to cut your hair every 4 weeks. Ask your hairdresser to use hot scissors to cut it and “seal” the hair so it won’t break into two.

– Don’t sleep with hair accessories in your hair. They damage it extremely much.

– Eat healthy, take vitamins that will help your hair grow faster and thicker. We recommend vitamins E, C and B for healthy and beautiful hair.

– Use different oils in your hair, like argan or coconut oil. They will help your hair regain its thickness after all the products you use on it.

– If you massage your scalp every night before you go to sleep, your hair will grow faster. That’s because when you massage it there is a constant blood flow towards your scalp and this feeds the roots of your hair.

– Don’t dry your hair with a blow dryer. Leave it to air dry, especially in the summer, because heat damages your hair the most out of everything you do on it.

– Don’t use shampoos that have sodium sulfate in them. They make a lot of foam but can easily dry your hair. Instead, use “soft shampoos“.

– If you use heating tool, it’s mandatory that you use heat protection. If you constantly forget, your ends will split and be dry.

– If you have naturally curly hair, don’t brush it. Use a comb instead or just use your fingers. If you use a brush, it will ruin your curls and damage your hair from the roots.

– Make home masks using hot oils. Apply them on your head, then put a plastic bag and a towel on top. Stay like this for an hour and rinse your hair with shampoo and conditioner. The oils help your hair regain her strength and make it more shiny and healthy. Make this treatment at least one in every two weeks for fast results.


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