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How To Get Rid Of Red Shaving Bumps?


Are you in an endless battle against the red shaving bumps? Well, it’s not hopeless. These bumps are caused by hair that either never make it out of the follicle or are curled. When they re-enter the skin your body cannot recognize it which is the cause of having red and swollen bumps.


The bikini area can be a very problematic area for this problem, but don’t jump to the wrong conclusions! With the correct actions you can get rid of them very easily.

Treat Your Skin

Firstly, letting the hair grow a bit is a very good idea before shaving again. Otherwise, the bumps that are already there will only get irritated and more will appear. Resist the urge to scratch the problematic area – your fingernails dug in your skin can lead to an infection. You can also treat the skin with Retin-A, which is derived from Vitamin A and helps the skin get smoother. However, if you are planning on waxing, do not use this product. It can weaken the skin!

Treat Your Razor

Dull razors must be thrown in the trash immediately! If you wish for a clean shave, a rusty razor will not help you. Try to shave every second or even third, if possible, day. The everyday shaving irritated the fresh bumps! Gentle exfoliation clears off the dead skin cells and makes it easier for the razor to cut everything in the way. Last, but not least, try not to go over the same area twice. As I have already mentioned before, it irritates the skin!

Preventing For A Long-Term

Waxing and a laser hair removal are the two choices for a long-term smooth skin with no red bumps. Both cost more than a razor shave, but you have to decide by yourself which option is better for you and your skin.



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