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How to Get Rid of Ingrown Toe Nails


The issue of ingrown toe nails has probably not bypassed you. That is why we are offering you a few methods to get rid of these annoying little “friends”:


  • Remember to cut your toe nails straight: the right way to cut your nails is the basis of avoiding ingrown toe nails. Round-shaped nails are not advisable at all!

  • Soak your toe nails frequently: soaking them into water often and cutting your nails afterwards is definitely effective. Moisturizer and taking your socks from time to time are also useful.

  • Choose the right shoes: very tight and uncomfortable shoes may cause ingrown toe nails. There should be at least some free space for your toes.

  • Use cotton to get rid of an ingrown toe nail: add salt to hot water and then soak your feet in it. Salt is added for the prevention of infections and the hot water will make your feet flexible and easy to work with. Put a cotton ball between your nail and skin with the help of tweezers. Use an ointment and put a bandage over the area.




Be careful with pedicures: when doing your pedicure, you should make sure that the instruments that are used are clean

  • Visit a doctor: if the ingrown toe nail becomes a huge issue, then you might want to visit a professional. Don’t wait for too long before you go to the doctor, so that your case doesn’t get too serious!


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