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How to Fix Ruined Clothes


We all know how easy it is to ruin a piece of clothing. Reading the tags and all the information about how to wash them and take care of them sounds like something which is not difficult at all, but when is the last time you did it? Taking proper care of your clothes is something that you probably are neglecting and have suffered the consequences of ruining something that you really, really love wearing. That is why we want to share with you a list of tips on how to fix something that you might have damaged at least a little:

  • We are all worried about washing our jeans too  much because the color can fade away. However, they sometimes get a bad odor. How to get rid of it without throwing them in the washing machine? Put them in a plastic bag and stick them in the freezer overnight. The bad smell will get away, we promise!
  • Another very annoying problem we all face is smudging foundation over out clothes: ew! It seems like a tough task to tackle, but fortunately, there is a cool hack for solving it: using shaving cream! Treat it before throwing the piece of clothing in the washing machine and it will do wonders!
  • Lipstick stains are the other drawback of applying makeup. But then again, there is another product which will help you out: hairspray! The procedure is the same as with smudged foundation: spray it, then toss it into the washing machine a few minutes later. Done!
  • When your sunglasses are loosened up and you do not have any tools, like a screwdriver, around to fix the arms, you can always use clear nail polish. Just apply a little to the hinge and it will temporarily tighten them up, while you actually get to fixing them properly.
  • Do you have a pair of patent shoes that you love, but have lost their sparkle? Just use a glass cleaner product to make them shiny again!
  • For all of you wine lovers: I am sure that you have encountered the problem of a red wine stain at least ones! It seems like a tragedy, as if it is the end of a piece of clothing, but do not fear: there is a solution! And ironically it is..white wine! Soak the spot in white wine and then toss it in the washing machine.
  • Have you ever been out and torn your tights? I am sure you have, it is the curse of wearing tights. Just keep a clear nail polish in your bag at all times and you will be safe. Simply stop the run in your tights with a little of the product.
  • Last but not least, as beautiful as suede shoes are, dirt can be very stubborn on them. However, a nail file can save them from being ruined, so use one to “peel” any dirt from them!




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