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How To Find The Perfect Hotel Online


You have to agree with me, finding the perfect place to sleep is a big part of the vacation process and many times if your hotel is not good enough, it can ruin your whole experience. A good hotel will provide you breakfast and/or dinner, will have a recreation area for you and your kids and will put you in a nice, clean room to stay in.

But to find a hotel that fits your basic needs (and gives something extra) is not always very easy! If you are looking for a hotel online you can’t always be sure that the photos or the description that the hotel posted are 100% true – yes, many hotels tend to exaggerate when it comes to how the hotel looks or what it offers. So, in order to find the perfect hotel and not get disappointed, here are some tips and tricks that you definitely must read before you go browsing for a hotel online:

  The Location

When you have to spend 7-8 days in a hotel, you would want it to be close to some of the basic thing you will need on your vacation – an ATM, a restaurant, a park, a gas station, etc. I advice you to use Google Earth before you book your hotel to make sure it covers your needs and it’s close to all the attractions you will want to visit. With Google Earth you will also be able to see how to get there and won’t be lost on your way there.

Another thing you can use Google Earth for is to make sure that the hotel look exactly how it looks on the pictures and the description. Many times hotel owners use Photoshop to make their pictures look better so when to go to see it in person you get something a bit different from what you thought it would look.

  The Room

When looking for a room, you have to know this – not all room are the same and have equal features, no matter if the price is the same or not. One room can have a fantastic view and the other one, right next to it, can face a rock quarry or something not so pleasant like the other rooms. You can again use Google Earth to see which rooms face what and see if you will get the best view for your budget. Bing also has a mapping tool which you can also use in order to find the perfect room.

One thing I always use when traveling and searching for a hotel is Tripadvisor. The website provides you with information for basically every hotel in the world and the best thing is that you can see review from other people, real pictures and video and you can too write reviews after you have visited a certain spot. Of course, there are many similar websites like this one so you can easily browse several of them and find the perfect place for you.

The Quality

When it comes to the quality of the hotel, websites that provide reviews are again the best option. Go to Tripadvisor, Yelp or any other website that you like and read the reviews of real people that went to the hotel.

Another thing that you can do is to use social networks like Facebook or Twitter and ask your friends what they think about the places you have mapped out. Of course, don’t forget to read the hotel’s website and see what they provide and for how much money (if there is a pool and spa, you should see if they are in the price or you have to pay separately).

But the first thing you have to do is to determine your budget because you can’t expect a 5-star experience for a 3-star price. Know your budget, know what you want and sooner or later you will find it!


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