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How to Find Out That You are In Love


Falling in love is not an easy act of your mind and your body. Let’s see the worst symptoms of this “disease”:

Error in the system. Your brain is not working as it’s supposed to work. You can’t concentrate or think about anything but your object of love.

Love songs. Your playlist is full of love songs. Bad, good – all of them. You are finding yourself in the characters of the songs.

Curiosity. You feel the need of knowing what is going on with your Love-person all the time. You are checking out his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – all the social media. That’s why I think that social media places are encouraging the stalkers with all the features they suggest like Tag yourself, Check yourself, Locate yourself, Share, Like, Comment and so on.

Butterflies in the stomach. It’s inescapable. You will have this feeling over and over again until you get used to the person you love or when you get over him. So, just enjoy it – it’s not so bad.

You are bored. All your favorite activities are getting boring and dull. Nothing will distract you from thinking about him. Not even your favorite movies, TV shows, books, music, sport. You’ll do these things as some background activities while you are thinking of The One.

Run, baby, run! When your phone makes any noise you’ll sprint fast until you reach it and smile like a fool if it is a text for him or throw the phone on the bed if it’s someone else or just a reminder.

How about tomorrow? You want to meet him every day, or at least hear him or text him. Every other people are way down on the list for hanging out or some arrangements with them. If you are invited to a party, you’ll do anything to have The Person receive an invitation too.

You are having a hard time while breathing. Just the thoughts of him are making you gasp for air like you’ve been running for an hour without a rest.

Bad sleep. When you are in bed, trying to have some healthy, deep sleep, you just can’t. All you think about is the house you two will live in, the kids, his smile, his hair, his gentle touch, the compliment from him, his jokes (they may be really stupid but you think they are hilarious). And the time is flying away and the sleep isn’t coming any soon. So, prepare to spend some time recovering your puffy eyes in the morning.

The best test. Sometimes the desire not to be alone is lying you that you are in love with someone which is not so great as you think. The perfect test to check that is to compare that person to someone else. We allow you that someone else even be Ryan Gosling.




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