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How to Fight With Enlarged Pores


Enlarged pores are an ugly and unwanted state of the skin. We try and try to get rid of them. Women with enlarged pores dream of smooth and even skin and try to fight them in every single way they know. Here are some tips for fighting the enlarged pores and how to get rid of them once they are out there, wide and open, making your beautiful face unattractive.

Constant care

Sometimes it’s not our fault for having enlarged pores. Sometimes it’s just nature – type of skin. We were born this way. It’s noticed that the oily skin has a bigger chance for enlarged pores than the dry type of skin.

If you want to have perfect skin you should make a habit the cleaning and the caring for your skin. This care should contain regularly cleaning and hydrating the face. These procedures are MUST-DO things if you want perfect face skin.

The cleaning cosmetic products contain glycolic and salycylic acid, which helps to unclog the pores. It’s recommended to choose a product which is friendly to your skin and appropriate for daily use.

A little tip – besides the cleaning products you should use also face tonic, because it has even stronger cleaning features than the other products.

Keep your hands away

Don’t touch your face often, especially when you are out or in public places. Your hands are very dirty no matter how hard you try to keep them clean. You touch things, even your phone, your handbag or your car keys are full of bacterias and microbes. If your skin is not protected from antibacterial cream, foundation or powder, be sure that the dirt is going deep into your skin and help to enlarge the pores. That’s not all. Also, you MUST NOT try to squeeze the pores, that’s not going to close them up. You’ll just make the things worse. You’ll damage the area around the open pore and as a result you’ll get not only more enlarged pores, but also ugly reddish stains all over your face.

Restore your skin

There are many cosmetic products on the market these days, which work for the regeneration of the cells. You can apply them into the problem areas. They also speed up the restore of the skin and keeps the pores clean and fresh. After the cells regenerate you’ll see how your skin will get smoother and even.

Makeup and pores

If you apply makeup daily you should search for products which are oil-free. If they are not you’ll see how your foundation is sinking into the pores and they look even bigger than they already are. A good solution to that problem is to apply a primer before you put on the foundation or the powder. It gives the skin even and smoother look and keeps the foundation away from the pores and the wrinkles. Remember to let the primer absorb into the skin before you apply the foundation, BB cream or powder. Also try to have at least two free-makeup days a week. This will give your skin a rest from the heavy products and it will breathe and restore itself.

Take care of your skin and you’ll look great!


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