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How to fight cold and flu


At the first sign of flu and cold, it is not necessarily to reach for our home kit with medicines or run on the nearest pharmacy immediately. We offer a dozen measures that you can take before having to resort to medication:

Sometimes symptoms should not be treated. Whether you believe it or not, many of the symptoms that accompany the beginning of cold and flu (and the entire course of the disease) are part of the healing process … – an indication that the immune system fights. For example, fever proves that your body has taken measures to destroy viruses faster – this becomes easier in an environment with higher temperature. Moreover, the higher temperature of the body increases the circulation of blood proteins thereby kill harmful microorganisms more quickly and more efficiently. So – if you have a slight fever – up from 37.5 to 38 degrees – for 1-2 days, it rather means that the body heals faster. Coughing is another symptom that may be useful – it cleans the airways of secretions that keep pathogens and difficult breathing. Even running nose should be treated moderately, while less informed may not even take action. Nose drops restrict blood flow to the vessels in the nose and throat and thus hamper the immune system to operate more efficiently. Furthermore, the effluent discharge from the nose also contributes to the discharge of harmful bacteria and viruses.

Stay warm and relax. This will help your body to retain more energy to send the immune system to fight the disease. So let the body cope with the cold or flu more easily.

Drink warm liquids. They relieve runny nose, prevent dehydration (at elevated temperature the body releases more fluid and therefore needs more) and relieve suffering in the membranes between the nose and throat. If your nose is running too strong that you can not sleep, try another old and tested means – warm herbal tea with 20-25 g of concentrated alcohol. Do not repeat – a large amount of alcohol inflames membranes and is counterproductive.

Take a hot shower. Warming in the bath will relieve nose and soothe the body. If you have fever, warm bath more, so that the whole is in steam, and if possibly sit.

Do not go out and Travel. Sick body is under enough stress for you to add more. Your respiratory system is overloaded anyway – you do not need to create additional difficulties so that the body has to deal with the differences between internal and external temperature. More strongly discouraged is air travel – changes in pressure loaded eardrums and make the ears more susceptible to infection. If you do not have to go out or travel use nose drops, especially when you leave the warm room and sign in. Gum and swallowing frequently can also help – especially in need to “flatten” the pressure.

Finally it is good to remember: serious illness is often “hidden” in the cold. You may actually be suffering from bronchitis, sinus infection, meningitis, or asthma. If symptoms are severe or every day you feel worse, call your doctor.


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