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How to Fake a Blow Out Without a Blow Dryer


You want volume hair? Don’t need going to hair saloon to get that beautiful hairstyle , because we are going to show you few simple way how to fake blowout hair with volume . 

Here we go :

  1. If you have wavy hair, try toning it down with a straightening shampoo and plenty of conditioner.

  2. Comb your hair until it is as straight as possible. If it looks dirty, you can use a bit of dry shampoo.

  3. Shake the dry shampoo and hose down your roots. You can leave it like that for a while and then massage your scalp, as if you are washing your hair.

  4. Apply a small amount of a product, which will protect your ends. This is going to be used as a barrier between the flattening iron and your hair, mainly because we all know that ironing is not very healthy for the hair.

  5. Flatten your locks with an iron. Separate your hair to easily managable sections and try to be as quick as possible with flattening just a few segments of your hair.

  6. Hairspray your hair. It does not look perfect, but that’s the effect we are trying to reach. Just good looking a blow out.

  7. Finish your look with some make up and voila! You don’t have to always use your blow dryer! 





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