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How To Eat Healthy At Work


In the hectic and busy life we live, we often are not able to eat properly. The lack of quality food reflects not only on our weight, but also on the overall health of our body. Unfortunately, most women have a very unhealthy diet. Usually the breakfast is skipped and the huge cup of coffee is used to stay the hunger until it is time for lunch. In some cases it is almost impossible to even eat a complete meal for lunch (often they eat pretzels, cookies or waffles). The result of this whole system is a huge meal for dinner, enlarged stomach, many calories and weight gain.

Only properly proportioned meals throughout the day are able to improve your condition. In reality, keeping track of the number of meals you eat throughout the day and the hours you can eat is rather difficult. In most cases, however, it all comes down to how strong your motivation.

The best option in these cases is to pre-cook your food and take it to the office. It takes time and it is necessary to carefully plan each of the meals so you can prepare them faster. Note that this process is not so easy, not to mention the fact that you have to bring bags and boxes of food in your bag every day. But when these actions become part of your daily routine you won‘t see them as an annoying obligation.

Take a few hours to make a list of foods to eat during the week. You can cook some of them and put them in the fridge. This will save cooking time on weekdays and will have food ready whenever you want. Every evening before going to bed you can pack your lunch for the next day. All that you have to do is to put it in a bag and store it in the fridge until the morning come and you could take the food with you – it easy, right?

Always keep a packet of raw nuts or some fruit in your bag. Even if you are in a hurry for an important meeting, you can still eat some almonds that will keep you full until you have time to eat. You can also make a smoothie with the fruits and vegetables you have in you fridge and take it with you if you don‘t want to eat the same thing every day or you just don‘t want to bring any boxes with you. All of this may sound impossible, but when you start doing it every day, you‘ll see how easy it is and, most importantly, how good you feel and how much energy you have!


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