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How to Dress Like Emma Watson


Stealing a fashion style from a celebrity is a clever trick for your wardrobe and it’s also a relief for you that no matter what you will look great. Our inspiration today is Emma Watson. She is no longer the little witch from the Harry Potter movies. These days you can see her walking down the street as a young, confident woman, showing an amazing sense of fashion and good style. These are the reasons we chose her as a object for the article How to dress like.

When you browse a few of her paparazzi picturesyou will see that she deep into great jackets and big bags. She is wearing mostly flat shoes, according to the weather. Check out Emma Watson’s street style:

emma style



We gathered some items from H&M and Forever 21 that are copying Emma Watson’s style. Bright, fresh and stylish – these words could describe her style and you can transfer it easily into your wardrobe without spending indecent amount of money for shoes, clothes and accessories. Check out our version of Emma’s style:

our version


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