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How to dress like Elle and Blair


  I think that there isn’t a person interested in beauty and fashion that doesn’t know who Elle and Blair are. The Tennessee sisters started their carrier on Youtube several years ago and now their channels (Blair goes by the name of juicystar07 and Elle – AllThatGlitters21) have over 1,5 million subscribers each. They wrote a book, started a company, designed makeup and they aren’t ready to stop! They have it all and from what it looks like they want more.

Elle and Blair have similar styles mainly because Blair (21) as the younger sister grew up wearing out Elle’s (26) clothes. Now, of course, they both have the money to buy whatever the want but the sense of style hasn’t changed. They are one of those girls who won’t be seen wearing a sweatsuit and sneakers outside and are almost always dressed glamorous from top to bottom. They like designer goods and more dressy clothes, which we can see in many of their TV and Red carpet appearances.

They keep it classy and that’s why they stay away from big fashion experiments (or at least Blair does so). If I have to describe the sister with two words, they would be Sorority chic or well-behaved style. If you don’t know what I mean, go check their channels and see for yourself.





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