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How to dress like Crali Bybel


One of the most bubbly and positive personalities on Youtube is Carli Bybel, or CarliBel55, with her almost 2 million subscribers on her main channel and more than 300,000 on her second one, where she posts vlogs and motivational videos. Carli is 23 and has e very elegant and unique style which makes her on of my favorite Youtube beauty gurus. Because of her height (she’s 5’3″) she wears heels almost always and, believe me, her shoe collection is extraordinary!

Carli likes to dress more elegant and sexy than sporty or casual. Her obsessions are rompers and 2-piece suits with a skirt and a crop top. Her jewelry is very shiny and big and she’s really into the statement piece trend. Is we look at her nails as part of her accessories, they are usually long and pointed and always very well-kept. She knows how to show off her curves without looking trashy and maybe that’s the most unique thing about her – when you think a piece of clothing looks trashy, she takes it and makes a very stylish outfit out of it. She likes pastel colors and white but with a pop of color – like a bag or a pair of shoes.

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