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How to dress like Bethany Mota?


  Can you imagine being 19 and having almost 10 million people be all over you? Well, that’s the case with 19-year-old Bethany Mota, or MacBarbie07, from Califronia. She’s a beauty and fashion guru on Youtube and has almost 7 million subscribers on her main chanel and 2 million on her vlog chanel. Since the summer of 2009 (she was 14 years old!) she has become one of the most influential people on Youtube because of her bubbly personality, creativity and, most of all, love from all her fans.

She is very unique in every way (watch her videos to see what I mean) and one of them is her style. She’s very laidback, likes to feel comfortable and doesn’t usually follow trends. She has a longlasting relationship with moccasins, cardigans and skater dresses and skirts. And she transferred all of that on her clothing line for Aeropostale. You can say that she’s not the typical 19-year-old girl because she’s not looking for the “sexy”, but for the “comfortable” and “cute” when shopping for clothes. And not only clothes – she rarely wears heals and prefers more sporty shoes like sneakers and sandals.

If you want to dress like Bethany go get yourself a skater skirt, a colorful T-shirt (or crop top), one baggy cardigan and, of course, her signature moccasins. She almost always wears her hair down, with beachy waves and a braid or two. And last but not least – smile! Because most of all Bethany Mota is the most happy and positive person you can see on the Internet!





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