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How to Dress Glam When Pregnant


I know, I know your feeling fat, ugly and whatever else you want to come up with.

I have to say that I think pregnancy is so beautiful. Your glow is shining and the belly is so cute.

I must admit though its really, really difficult to know what to wear especially if you have an outing right?

We thought we’d bring you some ideas that are glam yet give compliments to your body.

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Angelina Jolie looked beautiful throughout her pregnancy, mainly wearing strap top, long maxi dresses.

These are a great option as it hides the bump a little and allows you to look summery, glam and comfortable all at the same time!

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If you have a special night, opt for a dress that goes either to the knee or ankles with a detaik in the front. This will allow you hide the bump a little (although I think you should be showing it off!)

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For casual / smart looks, go for maternity shorts coupled with flip flops and a loose top.

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If your getting married and you want to hide the bump as much as you can, go for a long, plain, boob tube style dress.

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For ultimate comfort and casual days, leggings and long, loose tops are the best option


Babydoll dresses are also great for outings, they cover what needs to be covered yet leaves you comfortable.


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