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How to Do Winged Eyeliner Makeup



Simple winged eyeliner is one of the best makeup looks ever created. Why, you would ask? Well, first of all it is easy to do. You do not need many products and it can be created in just a few minutes. Some might say it is very hard to do it properly, but in fact, once you master the art of winged eyeliner, you will be ready in no-time. Also, it is a classic look that reminds us of some great retro fashion icons like Marylin Monroe, for example. It works for both day and night and we cannot wait to share with you how to do it quickly!

  1. First, get yourself a great gel eyeliner and a nice brush to go with it!

  2. Apply an eye primer to prepare the eyelid for makeup: it will make it easier to apply and more long-lasting!

  3. Dip the brush in the eyeliner and draw a line along the lash line until you get a little out of the outer corner of the eye.

  4. Draw a backward line toward, from the outer corner of the line you already made to the center of the eye. Fill it in with light strokes.

  5. The closer you get to the inner corner of the eye, the thinner the line should be.

  6. Fill in any missing spaces along the lash line and connect the liner to the inner corner of the eye.

Isn’t it glamorous? Now you can feel confident with your makeup artist skills AND look like a real fashion icon!


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