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How to Do Bouffant


If you want to add some volume to your hair , this is the right tutorial for you .

Just follow our steps how to do bouffant to your hair.

First roll up your hair with rollers . This will give to your hair a little volume . Or you can curl your hair with curling iron , if you don’t use rollers.

After that section your hair at the crown of your hear and start to tease. When it’s done put your hair back and secure with elastic.

Next step is to brush back the hair that frames your face . With a teasing brush smooth this hair as you go – the idea is that un-teased hair should cover over the “stuffing” and hide any bumps.

Secure this hair to the first ponytail you have made , using another elastic.

Once it look , as you want spray with hairspray . Voila



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