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How To Do a Perfect Eyeliner Makeup

Applying liquid eyeliner sometimes could be tricky. But if you want to learn the most easier and quick technique how to apply perfect liner you can take a look at the steps below :
  1. Apply an eye make- up base or primer to your eyelid (You can also use a light eye shadow).
  2. Apply the liquid eyeliner from the middle of your upper lid to the outer end, then come back and contour the inner part of the upper lid.
  3. While the applied eyeliner is still wet, use a flat small brush to create your eyeliner wing.
  4. Smudge the eyeliner with the brush carefully to widen the line towards the outer side of the upper lid and draw a line back to your upper lash line.
  5. Fill in the triangle that is formed at the outer corner of your eye. This should be widest part of your eyeliner make up.
  6. Apply a gentle line below your eye, up to the middle for a more finished look.




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