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How to Deal With Jealousy and Insecurities in Your Relationship


Me (with first hand experience) have gone though a big problem where I have faced big jealously and insecurities in my relationship.

Its not a nice feeling to always be on edge and have mixed up feelings day in and day out, so I decided that not for him, for me, I was going to try and solve this issue within myself slowly, taking it day by day.

Now lets be honest, if you have these feelings within you, they will never disappear 100%, but there are ways to make things a little better.

Now the key word here is ‘me’. You cannot change because of someone else, the most important thing here is to want to change for ‘yourself’.

So how can we deal with this to make a happier and healthier relationship?

The first part is to try and understand that (most of you) have gone through failed relationships before and YOU SURVIVED!

You have to know and believe that if for some reason this relationship fails, life will go on and you will be happy again. Everything happens for a reason.

Love yourself! One of the main issues of no self esteem, jealousy issues and insecurities is not being happy within yourself. Be honest to yourself and ask, if I was confident, had self esteem and understood that I am worthy, would I have these feelings? The answer is no!

No woman is 100% confident in herself for many reasons but women who are slightly more confident with their looks and personality (from deep inside) have more confidence and self esteem than those who think low of themselves.

Think of an incident where you felt jealous of someone, write it down and let your mind go free.

Think of all the possible outcomes and also write them down.

Was the outcome that bad? I mean, if your boyfriend was chatting to another girl and you felt jealous and all sorts of things were going through your head, think logically, your there, will he do something in front of you? No of course not!

Why would he take you out in the first place, if he wanted to cheat for example?

The point im trying to make is that you have to think logically through your bitterness.

The first step to cutting out insecurities is to start with yourself.

Find the trigger as to what makes you this way and deal with it.

I always say that before someone can love you, you have to love yourself.



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