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How To Contour Your Lips


Every girl wants to look like Angelina Jolie and have big and full lips that just make men pass out. Unfortunatelly, not all of us have the luck to be born with lips like that and we have to rely on makeup (or plastic surgery) to get the lips we dream of. Here is an easy tutorial for how to contour our lips and make them look bigger and fuller. You will need a concealer, white lip pencil, a pink one (or any other color, depending of the color of your lip gloss, a lip brush and lip gloss.

Before you start working on the actual lips, take a concealer that is slightly lighter than your skin and contour your lips. This way they will appear bigger even withour applying much makeup and will keep all of the products you use on the lips and not on the skina round them. Don’t forget to smudge the concealer or else you will look as if you just had a glass of milk. Then, fill the center of your lips with the white lip pencil. This way, you will create the illusion that they reflect light and thus, appear fuller. Line your lips with the pink lip pencil and smudge the line with the brush. Lining your lips is essential if you want to make your lips look bigger because you’re basically drawing a new lip line that you can however big you want. Smudge the white lip pencil a bit so it looks more natural. Apply a colored lip gloss on top to finish the look. It’s easy, fast and does miracles to your lips and whole look!

An important tip is to use light colored lipsticks if you want to make you lips appear bigger. Dark colored lipsticks absorb light and that way your lips look thinner than they are. That doesn’t mean that you have to wear only pink and nude lipsticks, but go for shade lighter shades, not for the burdundy dark lips the Kardashians rock, for example! You can also mix lip colors on your hand and apply with a lip brush if you want to experiment a bit more with colors and shades.


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