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How to Contour an Oval Face


  Nowadays we can change almost everything on our face – nose, lips, eyes shape, brows, etc. But the one thing we can’t change is the shape of our face. Our face shape is something that we have to deal with whether we like it or not and choose things like hairstyle or makeup color according to it. The one thing we can do in order to change it a bit is to contour it! Contouring and highlighting your face creates shadows that hide any flaws and emphasize your best features. You will be amazed how different you’d look with the “new” face shape and how your other features go with your contoured face.

Before you start contouring you need to determine the shape of your face. The 6 main face shapes are oval, rectangle, round, square, heart and triangle. Gather your hair in a ponytail so it doesn’t get in your face and look your self in the mirror. Every one of these shapes is easily recognizable so I think you wouldn’t have a problem to figure out your shape.

To contour your oval face, all you need is a bronzer, a highlighter or concealer or any product lighter than your original skin tone and a good brush to blend everything. Do not overestimate the blending part of the process since it is key in achieving a natural look!


Here is how to do this:


  1. Apply your moisturizer, primer and foundation/BB cream/whatever base you are using.
  2. Contour your forehead along your hair by applying bronzer in two diagonal thick lines, as shown below.
  3. Emphasize your cheekbones with bronzer.
  4. Line your nose on its sides all the way to the eyes.
  5. Finish the contouring by applying some dark color on the left and right side of your chin.
  6. Highlight your forehead in the area between the brows and a little above them, on the nose and in the whole undereye and cheek area.
  7. Apply some highlighter on your chin and under your cheekbones.
  8. Blend everything very carefully: you want to even out the products, so that the contouring is not obvious.
  9. Continue with whatever eye and lip makeup you want to do!





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