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How to Clean Make-up Tools


Taking care of your make-up brushes is important, but they are not the only make-up tools that need attention and ocasional cleaning. Things like tweezers, eyelash curlers and hair brushes get dirty, too, and if you don’t take care of them they’ll get old and break faster.

Hair tools

To clean your hair brushes just wash the bristles with shampoo like you would wash you hair and if it’s necessary pull out all the hair that is stuck. To clean your hair dryer you just need to take a dry toothbrush and wash the vent at the back. Of course, it needs to be unplugged. To remove tha black build from you curling tools, just wipe the plates with acetone and it should fall easily.


As I said, tweezers need care, too. To make you tweezers sharp again just take a nail file and sharpen the edges.

Eyelash curlers

It’s pretty obvious when your eyelash curler is dirty so when you see old mascara stain just take a makeup whipe remover and clean it. Be sure to change the pads often so your lashes are perfectly curled.

Pencil sharpener

To make your pencil sharpener as good as new, just unscrew the razor part and sharpen it with a knife sharpener.

Nail tools

Every several months you need to replace your nail file. About the other nail tools, like clippers, for example, you should soak them in anti-bacterial soap for several minutes and let them dry in the sun.

Hairspray spouts

If you have lotions of hairspray with crusty spouts just take a makeup wipe remover and wipe the edges. This way you should de able to use more product than before.

Makeup bins

Makeup bins tend to get dirty quite often. Just take out all of your makeup and wash then as if you’re washing dishes. Let them dry and use them again.


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