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How to Chose the Perfect Watch


When searching for a present for women, we often choose to give watches. Watches are elegant, timeless, go with everything and can be a statement piece in every wardrobe. Many people think that choosing the right watch is an easy job, but in reality – it’s not! Here are some of the details you have to think of when browsing for a woman’s watch:

– The face if the watch is the most important thing. There are so many designs on the market that you can easily be confused what to choose. Here’s why when you’re not sure which one to buy, get the one that will fit the woman’s arm.

– If her arms are thin and gentle, a watch with a big face wouldn’t suit her well. You should make sure that the watch will fit in her style and outfits, too! Otherwise, it will be just an unnecessary present.

– The strap is just as important as the face. The market is flooded with so many kinds of straps that it’s really hard to choose the best one. Here you should again make sure that the strap will fit her style – you can’t buy a watch with a plastic strap, for example, and give it to a woman with elegant and sophisticated style. If she is a sporty type of girl, a gold watch may not be the best idea. A silicon strap is the best choice most of the times.

– If you’re that the woman dresses more formal you can choose a more sophisticated watch with a gold or silver strap and face. When you choose a watch, you should consider the skin color, too.

– If she is more dark-tanned, a dark strap won’t stand out and won’t look good so in this case buy a lighter one. If you know the woman very well, you could buy her a strap that’s her favorite color. This kind of present would certainly make her happy.

– When you choose a watch, you can go for a two-colored one if the girl you want to give it to is younger. If the woman is more mature, stick with the one color because it won’t fit her needs and style.

– Last but not least, think about if it has to be waterproof or not. If she’s into exercising, she would most probably damage it. So the best thing to do it to buy a waterproof one.



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