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How to Choose Your Outfit, So You Look Thinner


Even though usually it is the winter period that we are more prone to gaining weight, the summer months, with their lazy days and vacations can also be risky for our figure. Yes, it is indeed a lot easier to hide the few extra kilograms under items from your fall wardrobe than when you wear a bathing suit. However, there are still important tricks to consider when trying dressing slimmer. Here are a few methods that you can use in order to appear fitter while you get into shape in the gym:

The Empire Waist

A good way to hide your tummy is to pick a piece with an empire waist, just below the bust. Even if you do not own a dress or blouse with that has such a cut, you can always use a belt to create the same effect. Whether it is a wide or a slim belt, it will change the look and hide any flaws you want. However, if you are a lady with a large bust, it is better not to rely on this trick.

All Black Everything

This is maybe the oldest and most famous trick in the book: black clothing is known to make every figure appear slimmer. It absorbs light rather than reflect it and it a good choice for most occasions. You can make it more interesting with a variety of colorful accessories: jewelry, bags, shoes, etc. A less known fact is that black has its different shades too: charcoal, onyx and so on, so you can play around with them too.

Maxi for a Maximum Effect

Maxi skirts or dresses are a great idea for girls who want to hide the lower area of their bodies. You can create an illusion for longer legs by picking a high-waisted piece, if it is straight-cut and, of course, by wearing high heels.  Don’t forget that the top should be fitted rather than slouchy!

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Meet the Vertical Stripes

One of the best things about stripes is they come on trend quite often, so you can hardly make a mistake by wearing them. They create the optical illusion of an elongated figure, especially if the stripes are darker on the sides, since they make the figure appear thinner in the problematic areas.

The Peplum – Everyone’s New Best Friend

The peplum became a huge trend in the past two years and its comeback seems to be serious this time. Tops, skirts, dresses: it has all kinds of variations. For it to work correctly it needs to be worn in the right way: if you have wide hips, you can pick a peplum skirt. If you have a pear-shaped figure, it is better to avoid short peplum tops and slim-fit pants.

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Overall, there is a trick for every figure: however, remember to just be confident in yourself, feel pretty in your own skin and never to neglect your personal taste!


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