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How to Choose Your Lipstick Based on Your Dress Color


Summer is almost over, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still wear colorful clothes. But as much as we all like to wear dresses in fun and bright colors, not always we can find the perfect makeup for it – you don’t want to match a purple dress with a bright red lipstick and look like a clown, right? That’s why I’m here to help – I’ll show you some of the best lipstick/dress combinations that will make you look amazing and will accentuate the gorgeous piece of clothing that you’re wearing!

Orange dress + Peachy lipstick

It mat sound a bit odd to combine an orange dress with an orange lipstick, but keep calm – the result will be worth it. Orange is a very delicate color and that’s why not every type of makeup goes well with it. The best thing to do is to choose a warm color (a quick reminder: the warm colors are red, yellow, orange and some greens) that isn’t too vibrant and shimmery. Nudes are always a great solution, but if you want to go a bit further, choose a matte peachy or red color. Stay away for lipsticks with pink undertones because orange and pink most times don’t go too well together.

Yellow dress + Red lipstick

The yellow dress/red lipstick look is one of Hollywood celebrities’ favorite look. Many stars like Solange Knowles, Rose Leslie and Michelle Williams have chosen this combination and rocked it! And if celebrity makeup artists choose the red to complement the yellow, why wouldn’t you? Be careful when you choose your accessories because if you add more color ,you will lose the whole minimalistic feel of the outfit and you’ll look more comic than beautiful. And if you go for a neon matte look, I guarantee all eyes will be on your lips!

Purple dress + Nude lipstick

Purple is a color that isn’t so easy to match and that’s why many people avoid it. Choosing a lip color for a purple dress can be tricky, mostly because the typical lipstick colors like red, for example, don’t go too well with it. But then again, in an episode of “Ugly Betty” Vanessa Williams rocked a bright purple dress with red lips and I have to say she looked stunning! If you want to play it safe, go for a nude lipstick and top it with a lip gloss. Nude lipstick is the best choice when you have an unusual dress color and don’t want to look over the top.

Blue dress + Coral lipstick

Blue, opposite to purple, goes well with many colors – they just have to be warm-toned. If you want an edgy look, go for red of bright pink, if you want something more subtle – choose peachy and coral lipsticks. You can even choose a brown color! And because it’s all about the shade of blue that you’re wearing, my advice is to buy a color wheel of make on yourself. It will ease you when you worry which color will go well with what and who knows, maybe you’ll find a cool combination that you haven’t thought about till now.

Now, go buy yourself a colorful dress and start matching!



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