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How To Choose The Right Perfume For Us


Perfumes are one of the most popular accessories in the world and there is such a great choice that sometimes it looks almost impossible to choose “ours”.

We have provided some tips, which will hopefully help you find the right fragrance for you and enjoy its scent day after day.

1. Always test the perfume directly onto the skin – ideally onto the inner part of the wrist. Let the scents stay for 20-30 minutes, before taking the final decision. Every perfume interacts and smells  differently on different people.

2. Go shopping during the afternoon. It`s the time when your nose works best.

3. If you are going to smell many scents one after another, bring some coffee with you and smell it after each scent. This will help you distinguish the scents better.

4. Don`t use one and the same perfume throughout the whole year. Change them according to the season. For example, you`ll not be able to smell a fresh perfume during the winter , as the cold takes away some of its qualities

5.Don`t go for imitations – it is always better to buy a cheap, but original perfume, rather than a lousy imitation, which will not only smell the way it should, but could contain harmful substances, posing

allergy risks.


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